Co-founded a travel related mobile application. Guider App is an application that allows uses to book experiences when they travel overseas. Usually, when a user books a travel tour, the agency will include touristy places in the itinerary however, Guider allows the locals to bring visitors to places that are frequent by locals. This allows travellers a more enriching experience of the culture in the various countries.  
After research on the colour scheme of the app, our mentor advised for the app to change the colour scheme as it was too similar to another app. Using a survey, we found out that 72% prefer the teal colour scheme.
Key Points
Information presented has to be clear for seamless and ease of use. 'Accepted reservations' has to be easy to retrieve. Hierarchy of tour screens has to be comprehensive.
App Flow
The biggest challenges of the team were organising the flow and architecture of the app. As we were using a third party developer, it was imperative for them to understand the flow of the app.
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